New York Edition Hotel Spa

New York Edition Hotel Spa

New York Edition Hotel Spa by Marriott

New York Edition Hotel Spa: A Luxury Landmark Experience

New York Edition Hotel Spa

Nestled in the heart of New York City, a mere stone’s throw from the bustling JFK Airport, New York Edition Hotel Spa beckons discerning travelers with its seamless blend of timeless elegance and modern luxury. Housed within the iconic Metropolitan Life Clock Tower, this architectural masterpiece has been meticulously transformed into a haven of sophisticated indulgence.

Step inside and be captivated by the hotel’s refined ambiance, where sleek lines and plush furnishings create an atmosphere of understated opulence. Impeccable service, world-class amenities, and an array of culinary delights await, ensuring an unforgettable stay that effortlessly combines convenience with the ultimate in refined hospitality. Whether you’re embarking on an international adventure or simply seeking a tranquil escape, The New York Edition Hotel Spa by Marriott is the perfect destination to experience the epitome of New York City’s allure.

New York Edition Hotel Spa

New York Edition Hotel Spa by Marriott Key Features:

  • Iconic Location: Housed in the historic Metropolitan Life Clock Tower, steps from Madison Square Park.
    • 5 Madison Avenue (Hotel Entrance on 24th Street between Madison & Park Avenues), New York, New York, USA, 10010
  • Award-Winning Dining: The Clocktower, a culinary gem nestled within the New York Edition Hotel Spa, is a testament to refined dining and gastronomic innovation. Helmed by a Michelin-starred chef, the restaurant’s menu showcases a symphony of flavors, artfully blending classic dishes with modern techniques and unexpected twists.
    • Guests can indulge in a culinary journey that tantalizes the senses, from reimagined seafood delicacies to succulent prime cuts elevated with seasonal accents. The elegant ambiance, adorned with striking artwork and boasting breathtaking city views, further enhances the dining experience, making The Clocktower a destination for discerning palates seeking an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.
  • Unparalleled Views: The elegant ambiance, adorned with striking artwork and boasting floor-to-ceiling windows that frame breathtaking panoramas of the city, further enhances the dining experience, making The Clocktower a destination for discerning palates seeking an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.
  • Artful Design: Every room at The New York Edition Hotel Spa is a testament to the seamless integration of art and design. Custom photography by Melvin Sokolsky, renowned for his dreamlike and avant-garde style, adorns the walls, creating an immersive experience where guests can engage with visual narratives that spark the imagination. Sokolsky’s captivating images, each a unique piece of art, add an element of intrigue and sophistication to the rooms, making them not just spaces of rest but also galleries of inspiration.
  • Luxurious Amenities:
    • Free high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotel
    • 48-inch flat-screen TVs in every room
    • Private bathrooms with custom Le Labo bath products
  • The Clocktower Experience:
    • Three unique dining rooms, each with its own distinct character
    • A billiards room for leisurely games and socializing
    • A stunning gold leaf bar, perfect for enjoying bespoke cocktails
  • Lobby Bar: The Lobby Bar at The New York Edition Hotel Spa is a haven of chic sophistication, where guests can indulge in a culinary and mixology experience throughout the day. Awash in natural light from its expansive windows overlooking Madison Square Park, the bar exudes a relaxed yet refined ambiance, making it an ideal spot for both casual gatherings and intimate encounters.
    • In the morning, the Lobby Bar awakens with a tantalizing breakfast menu, offering a selection of freshly baked pastries, artisanal coffee, and energizing juices to kickstart the day. As lunchtime approaches, the menu transitions to a delectable array of light bites, including gourmet salads, artisanal sandwiches, and flavorful shared plates, perfect for a quick and satisfying meal.
    • As the day progresses, the Lobby Bar transforms into a lively hub for evening cocktails. Expert mixologists craft signature libations, utilizing premium spirits and innovative ingredients, while a curated menu of light dinner options complements the sophisticated beverage program. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely breakfast, a midday pick-me-up, or a pre-dinner aperitif, the Lobby Bar is a versatile destination where culinary delights and expertly crafted cocktails converge in a stylish setting.

  • Nearby Attractions:
    • Eataly: A mere stone’s throw from The New York Edition Hotel Spa, Eataly offers a taste of Italy in the heart of Manhattan. This vibrant marketplace and food hall is a culinary paradise, where visitors can explore a diverse selection of regional Italian products, savor authentic dishes prepared by skilled chefs, and even participate in cooking classes and demonstrations.pen_spark
    • Dover Street Market: This iconic multi-level retail destination is a haven for fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters. Dover Street Market curates a unique blend of high-end designer labels, emerging brands, and avant-garde creations, offering a diverse shopping experience unlike any other in the city.
    • Madison Square Park: Located just across the street from the hotel, Madison Square Park is a serene oasis in the bustling city. This historic park features lush greenery, beautiful sculptures, and a variety of events and activities throughout the year, making it a popular destination for both locals and visitors.
    • Flatiron Building: A short stroll from The New York Edition Hotel Spa, the iconic Flatiron Building is an architectural marvel that has become a symbol of New York City. Its distinctive triangular shape and Beaux-Arts style make it a popular subject for photographers and a must-see landmark for any visitor to the city.
    • Empire State Building: One of the world’s most recognizable skyscrapers, the Empire State Building offers breathtaking views of the city from its observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floors. A visit to this iconic landmark is a must-do for any first-time visitor to New York City.
  • Convenient to JFK: The New York Edition Hotel Spa by Marriott is approximately a 30-minute drive from JFK Airport, making it a convenient choice for travelers.

Why Choose The New York EDITION?

The New York Edition Hotel Spa by Marriott seamlessly blends historic charm with contemporary design and exceptional service. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, you’ll find everything you need for a memorable stay. Indulge in culinary delights at The Clocktower, unwind in your elegantly appointed room, or explore the vibrant neighborhood surrounding the hotel.

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Important Information:

  • Airports
    • LaGuardia Airport is the closest airport to the hotel, approximately 9.1 miles away.
    • JFK Airport is approximately 17.2 miles away.
  • Address: 5 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010

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